Corona Virus Efforts

Cal Mart is experiencing an unprecedented spike in volume due to the COVID-19 situation. We are working tirelessly to keep up with the extraordinary demand. In response, we’ve implemented order maximums so that we are able to ensure we are servicing all our customers the best we can. Please be patient things are changing fast. We are committed to keeping you informed and to helping you feed our Family and town.

In an ongoing effort to keep our staff and customers safe, we’ve put non-latex gloves out for use in the store.

We encourage all our customers to use them, as well as the sanitizer dispensers we have located at each of the sliding front doors.

Our staff will be wearing gloves to keep personal contact at a minimum, also.

Be assured, we are being very vigilant in making sure our staff is free from any illness and preparing food items with the utmost care.

We have also instituted an At Risk Delivery and Pick-Up Service.



Thank you for all you support and help during this time and we hope everyone can keep each other safe.