Corona Virus Efforts


A message from Cal Mart

As of 4/6/2020

Cal Mart is no longer allowing customers reusable bags in store.

Cal Mart bags will be available at no cost. Till further notice.

This is to protect everybody.

We will open the store on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 AM until 9:00 AM for senior citizens (65+) and those with critical medical conditions ONLY.

  • We will also continue the order phone-in and pick-up service for seniors citizens (65+) and those with medical conditions under the following conditions:
    • Phone-in orders will be taken Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM for pick-up.
    • Pick-ups will be available at the loading dock located on First Street (behind Cal Mart).
    • You can click on this link to place an order by email:
  • Home delivery can be arranged under special circumstances for those with medical conditions who are unable to leave their homes.



Thank you for your understanding during these unusual times!

Cal Mart management



New Hours;

Monday: 9am thru 8pm

Tuesday: 8am thru 8pm

Wednesday: 9am thru 8pm

Thursday: 8am thru 8pm

Friday:  9am thru 8pm

Saturday & Sunday: 8am thru 8pm



You can Email your orders to


Thank you for all you support and help during this time and we hope everyone can keep each other safe.