Specialty Sandwiches and Boxed Lunches

Specialty Sandwiches and Boxed Lunches

(707).942.9686 Our Hotline to fresh sandwiches

Please feel free to call the Cal-Mart Deli with your orders. We’re here to answer all of your questions and help make your Napa Valley trip memorable.



Imagine yourself at the top of Napa Valley¬†at one of Calistoga’s world famous wineries. You walk the property and find some great picnic tables. You sit down with your friends and open a cool bottle of Chardonnay and take a refreshing sip from your glass. What’s next? A boxed lunch from Cal-Mart. You open the decorative box to a fresh made sandwich accompanied by a salad and fresh, organic fruit. Make sure to finish your lunch and have a house-baked cookie for dessert. Sounds like a perfect lunch on a fun, sunny, California day.





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